Spiritual Direction 

Spiritual Direction is about pausing and listening to the deepest parts of yourself, the truest parts that sometimes don’t get heard as we rush through life. Within this sacred container of Spiritual Direction, I welcome you to come and sit with me. We can explore the experiences and choices that have led you here, and see the Divine invitation within each of them to deepen into and connect with higher wisdom.

I am an Interfaith Minister, HeartMath Trainer/Mentor, and certified life coach. Although I have studied with teachers from all over the world to understand the true nature and meaning of healing, my greatest teacher has been personal experience. Every client is an individual and I encourage personal and spiritual empowerment within your own understanding of what healing means to you.

Many of my clients like to combine Spiritual Direction with HeartMath techniques, since these tools can provide a wonderful platform for facilitating a deep and grounded dive into the profound awareness and wisdom that are available within our own hearts.

If you would like to explore whether this safe and confidential Spiritual Direction relationship is for you, I offer a free 30 minute consultation. 

Some of the many benefits clients have experienced include:

magenta flower Spiritual Counseling Rhonda Nease
  • Greater self-love and acceptance
  • Compassion for your humanness and that of others
  • Freedom from limiting patterns in your life
  • Increased self-confidence and self-worth
  • New perspectives for transforming grief and loss
  • Enhanced intuition and inner knowing
  • Healing of relationships
  • Increased insight and trust in the goodness of life
  • Creating and enjoying life from the highest of yourself
  • Greater passion, clarity, inner peace, sense of purpose, and belonging
Rhonda Nease exudes the spirit of love and healing energy. She has dedicated her life to understanding the human condition and the soul’s path. The wisdom and awareness she has gained of our purpose here on Earth directly translates to her clients’ experience of higher vibration and personal growth.
Suzanne Giesemann, Author of Twelve Books, Speaker, Teacher, Visionary

More From Clients

Connecting with Rhonda was just what I needed to begin my journey towards healing. I have been struggling with the loss of my dad for a long time, feeling stuck and unable to let go. In one session with Rhonda, she helped guide me through a series of questions to get at the core of what holds me back from acceptance, and truly trusting that everything is in divine order. I left feeling an inner peace I haven’t felt for some time. Thank you Rhonda, for your warmth, wisdom and authenticity you shared so freely. —N.K., California

In just one session, Rhonda helped me to loosen a piece of my self-protecting armor and guide me to a place to see the wound within that needs tending. I’m so grateful for the revelation and the support to focus my mystical mothering love to heal, let go and move on. —Gwen, CA

Rhonda helped me connect with my heart and inner guidance and led me through a series of questions that got to the deepest level of my soul for healing and transformation of the core issue in my relationship with my life partner. Her loving voice, gentle presence, deep love and compassion are felt throughout the session and facilitate the healing. I noticed an immediate shift and more ease and joyfulness in my relationship dynamic with my partner after my session with Rhonda. I highly recommend her services to friends, family and anyone looking for a skilled spiritual guide that provides a loving, safe space to heal, transform and grow. Tracey, CA

Rhonda’s compassionate presence, sincerity and care put me at ease immediately. She attended to the essence, the meaning beyond words and held a space for me filled with reverence and respect.  Rhonda skillfully guided me at just the right pace to and through spiritual depths to a place within, a place of loving wholeness, stillness and soul connection – a homecoming, a deep listening, me with me. To this day, though it has been a while, I remember and feel that moment with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. —Nancy G., New York

Rhonda is a bright light for all spiritual seekers! Her natural presence invokes a sacred place of safety, filled with the grace of compassion, and free of judgement. A place where you can explore the depths of your soul. Rhonda as a Holy Witness, mirrors your heart’s intelligence and holds a sacred space for your deepest spiritual evolution and illumination.
—Lisa Marie, California

Coaching with Rhonda has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. I have never experienced anything like it as she opened a door to parts of me I didn’t even know existed. She gave me her full attention and held me in love while I was facing my challenges. Working with Rhonda feels like heaven and yet it goes to the core of any issue. It is the best personal work I have ever done. 
—Conny D., Wisconsin

Thank you, Rhonda, for your gentleness and kindness and for the beautiful way that you have led me through learning to live from the heart.
Bonnie, Tennessee

I  would like to share my appreciation for Rhonda. She fills the space with warmth and joy. At times, I have experienced a peace and loving atunement that seems to be transmited by divine messenger…the felt sense of an angelic presence.
—Andrée, Canada

I have participated in both private sessions and groups with Rhonda.  I now experience feeling totally loved … no matter what. I had never felt that before. Our work together has been a tremendous blessing, and I highly recommend Rhonda to anyone looking for a wise and compassionate guide on their life/spiritual path. 
Jane, Virginia

As a participant in one of Rhonda’s groups, I am experiencing a soft, safe and nurturing environment that’s healing on all levels of soul, mind, and spirit.
Melinda, Michigan

In one of our sessions, Rhonda asked me several questions that resulted in my mind going totally blank. There were no thoughts, just the experience of stillness I had been seeking for so many years through numerous teachers and practices. Thank you so much Rhonda!
—B.W., Virginia

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rhonda! Your peaceful presence and voice leading in HeartMath skills is a match made in heaven. What a tremendous gift to receive these life changing lessons from you. —
D.D. Seattle, Washington

Heart Math and Spiritual Coaching with Rhonda is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each coaching call and lesson. I feel safe, nurtured and supported as we organically go deeper each time. Working through the lessons, I’ve come to many realizations about my life, my feelings and myself that were so obvious, yet had remained hidden prior to working with Rhonda. She holds beautiful space, and has many strategies to help you reconnect with your heart and build resilience while working through normal everyday issues. I am so very grateful to Rhonda for guiding me into a deeper and more compassionate understanding of myself. 
April, Virginia

I am blessed to have Rhonda as my HeartMath Instructor. Rhonda is guiding me through this program and it is changing my life. She has tremendous knowledge in the technique, but more than that it is how she delivers the program. Her kind and loving spirit immediately puts you at ease so that you are comfortable sharing and knowing with certainty that you are in safe hands for delving into your emotions, fears or anything that is making you feel imbalanced. Her inner peace and grace is papable.  I highly recommend Rhonda and feel truly blessed to have met her and to have this opportunity to learn this program and continue to heal and grow.
—Suzie M., Illinois

Rhonda’s HeartMath training has provided me with tools and techniques that I can use to maneuver the stresses of living life in our world today. With these techniques I am able to develop resilience which allows me to adapt to everyday challenges, thus maintaining my energy to get me through any situation. I have also been able to improve my ability to listen and communicate effectively with others. Rhonda presents these HeartMath techniques in such a clear and concise manner, allowing for questions and discussions. She is warm and supportive, and is a shining example of how to utilize the HeartMath techniques for living a calm and resilient life.
 Dolores C., CA

I love your teaching style. It brought to mind and senses an image of a beautiful boat that gently carries us over a lake in safe, clear, sparking waters and invites us to become ever more aware of the wonders of our surroundings and how they resonate with our spiritual gifts. A heartfelt experience. 
—B.R. EdD, Arizona

I just had my initial session with Rhonda and my mind stopped racing for the first time since our son passed three years ago in an accident.  I can’t tell you how good it felt to experience that level of inner peace…something I wouldn’t have thought possible before our time together. 
—Gregory, NC